RBA’s Wall Mounted Self Closing Tap with Isolation Valve

There’s no longer a need to turn off those public restroom taps with paper towels, now you know about RBA’s Wall Mounted Self Closing Tapware range.

Listening to what the consumer wants is what RBA does best and that is why they have made hygiene and water conservation their two top priorities throughout their wall mounted tap range.

One push of a button is all that is required to operate the RBA1053-688 as the automatic shut-off feature takes care of the rest.

RBA’s wall mounted taps also give the customer options of two flow rates to choose from, this includes the standard 6 Star, five litres per minute flow rate, for water saving purposes while if reducing dead leg is what you prefer, there is also the 4 Star options which flows at 8 litres per minute.

Designed to look good, the aerator is recessed in selected models which provides cleaner lines for a minimalist look, but also makes it more difficult to steal.

These easy to activate wall mounted taps are not only vandal resistant but also aesthetically pleasing and designed with a clean design appeal.

Maintenance on the push button taps is made easy with the integrated isolation valve which allows the water supply to be cut-off at the tap so there is no need to close the entire washroom for maintenance.

The integrated isolation valve will not only save time in maintenance but also avoids OH&S issues as it is conveniently located on the underside of the tap, not in the ceiling space or behind an ugly access panel.

RBA’s timed flow taps are particularly popular in public restrooms, public wash areas, schools and childcare facilities as there is no chance of the water being left running.

RBA looks after their customers with a two-year warranty on their wall-mounted tapware. This is double the industry standard and gives RBA customers greater peace of mind.

For more information about RBA’s Self Closing wall mounted tapware range please visit our tapware pages.

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