Our Products Are Tougher Than Customers

Tougher than Customers! RBA Group commercial bathroom solutions

Attention Designers!

Have you been searching for a commercial bathroom solution which gives you vandal resistance, without looking ugly? The RBA range of Stainless Steel Toilets, Stainless Steel Urinals, Stainless Steel Basins and Stainless Steel Flush Valves is your answer. Our product originates from the world of correctional facilities, but has been fine-tuned to suit commercial projects like pubs, clubs, amenities blocks and train stations.

Fixtures are made from heavy gauge, 304 Stainless Steel. Toilets are available in P- or S-Trap and may be floor or wall mounted. Our WCs also offer integral seats for heavy duty installations. Disabled models are available for those looking to suit AS1428.1.

Combine these features with our self-closing, water-saving taps and flush valves and you get a smart, economical and durable washroom solution for any public arena.

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