Looking For Commercial Bathroom BIMs?

RBA Group has invested in attaining and supplying BIM (Building Information Modeling) to their clients through their new, clean and easy to navigate website. www.rba.com.au. Keep your eye out for new Revit symbol which denotes that a BIM, in the popular form of an AutoCad Revit file, can be downloaded and used in project specification and design.

RBA understands the importance of BIM in the creation of new projects and will continue to strive to make available our entire product range in the REVIT format (Autodesk).

BIM makes large amounts of important information readily available and will dramatically increase the cost efficiency of the total project. More so, in a day and age where “green building” is becoming increasingly more important, these BIM will help architects specify products which support the environmental outlook of the project.

RBA has invested in many products which aim to assist architects in reaching these green goals. For example the RBA1083-650 is the most water efficient tap in the market. The RBA1083-650 BIM will show that it has WELS rating of 6 star 2.0L per min, from this architects will be able to calculate the water expenditure associated with a commercial bathroom for example over a nominated period.

RBA is aiming to aid the market in the accumulation of BIM and will continue to in the future.

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