How to Practice Good Hygiene in 2020

Year 2020 isn’t the year we thought it would be, so much has changed in short few months. One is the call for action for a cleaner practice to our hygiene routine.  Whether that’s at home, our workplaces or our local community centres. As individuals we can help prevent the spread of coronavirus by following the advice of the Australian State Government, the Department of Health. Everyone can do this by:

  1. Washing your hands regularly for 20 seconds with soap and water. This before & after eating and following a visit to the restroom
  2. Using alcohol-based hand sanitiser when soap isn’t an option

 Why is 20 seconds the magic number you ask? And what does the song Happy Birthday have to do with washing my hands?

 This is because 20 seconds is the optimal length of time that is needed to break down germs found on your hands (NSW Government Health, 2020). This is exactly two renditions of the tune Happy Birthday, which can act as a guide for how long we should wash our hands. This ensures we are removing dirt and other viruses to stop the spread from occurring. It’s a super easy way to make sure we are all doing our part.


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