Nobby’s Beach Surf Lifesaving Club features the following RBA products:

RBA8851-156 – Stainless Steel Toilet | Ambulant S-Trap

Established in the 1922/1923 Summer season, Nobby’s Beach Surf Lifesaving Club inaugurated to have trained professionals to patrol the beach every weekend and public holiday beginning in October to April. The Club has been in function for nearly 100 years and not only offers Lifesaving services, but also provides a new social avenue for its members, giving education and training in life-saving skills, encouraging keeping fit and active by getting involved in surf sports competition and helping out with club fundraising. 

Located just north of the heart of Newcastle, the Lifesaving Club deals with high volumes of beach-goers, especially in the Summer. It is a prime spot for swimming, exercising and socialising, thus high human traffic is expected, including people from all Accessibility levels. Not only could RBA provide for the needs of the project, but we were more than happy to support the volunteers that help our communities by saving lives and catering to their demand.

Thus, as pictured below, RBA supplied the Surf Lifesaving Club with our Stainless Steel Ambulant S-Trap Toilet, or the RBA8851-156. RBA categorises the unit as heavy duty, meaning it can withstand high amounts of usage, inevitable due to its location, whilst avoiding corrosion, with its 304-type Stainless Steel composition. However, the model is also offered in 316-type Stainless Steel, for extra corrosion resistance, or in EnviroGlaze® White for a less commercial aesthetic. The unit is water saving, with a 4 Star (5.6L FF / 2.6L HF / 3.2L AF) WELS water saving rating. Accompanying the suite is an Integral Contoured Toilet Seat in white, bright polished for hygiene and comfort. Externally, the suite has a Satin Finish, which blends in with the facilities. Internally, the bowl has a Matte Finish for hygiene, easy cleaning and scale resistance.

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