Marvel Stadium features the following RBA products:

Marvel Stadium, located in Melbourne’s vibrant Docklands area, has become a premier destination for sports and entertainment events, attracting over 42 million fans since its opening in 2000. While renowned for hosting AFL, A-League, and BBL games under its iconic retractable roof, the stadium has also been the stage for various international sporting spectacles like UFC and USA Basketball vs. AUS Boomers, as well as significant concerts featuring artists such as Ed Sheeran and AC/DC.

In 2008, Marvel Stadium embarked on a water conservation initiative to reduce its environmental impact. As part of this effort, the stadium incorporated rainwater tanks for toilet flushing and irrigation, resulting in a significant 25% reduction in water usage. RBA is proud to contribute to Marvel Stadium’s sustainability by supplying our cutting-edge water-saving products.

Among the RBA products featured at Marvel Stadium are the RBA1043-600 Alpha self-closing tap and the wall-mounted water-saving tap, RBA1053-688. The RBA1043-600 tap has a non-adjustable flow time of 4-10 seconds, effectively preventing water wastage. With a sleek chrome-plated design, the tap requires only 20N of force to activate at 300kPa, and its self-cleaning cartridge ensures hassle-free maintenance. The RBA1053-688 tap, designed for durability and vandal resistance, includes an isolation valve for convenient upkeep.

Marvel Stadium also incorporates the RBA2731-500 push-button bottle filler add-on, promoting reusable bottles and discouraging single-use plastics, crafted from high-quality #304 stainless steel with an antibacterial-resistant finish, providing a hygienic and sustainable solution.

Additionally, the stadium features theRBA4110-950 5-star shower-rail kit and mixer, which is AS1428.1 compliant when properly installed. This shower mixer includes a level mixer, slider, handset, and 1.5m hose, all finished in chrome, with the rail constructed from stainless steel. Complementing the shower-rail kit is the RBA4157-777-005 Changing Places 2020 folding shower seat, made from satin-finished #304 stainless steel and capable of supporting up to 180kgs.

To cater to the needs of families, Marvel Stadium includes the Koala Kare KB301-05 vertical baby change tables. These surface-mounted tables, made of durable polypropylene, feature a stainless-steel bag hook for conveniently storing parents’ belongings while operating the baby change table. With the added benefit of Microban® antimicrobial product protection, the baby change tables prioritise cleanliness and safety.

Marvel Stadium’s collaboration with RBA reflects a shared commitment to sustainability and user comfort. By incorporating our innovative water-saving taps, bottle fillers, shower products, and baby change tables, the stadium continues to lead by example, providing a world-class experience while minimising its environmental impact.

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