Warragul Regional College features the following RBA products:

  • B4112 – Bobrick Soap Dispenser Contura™ | Satin Finish
  • B4262 – Bobrick Paper Towel Dispenser | Contura™
  • B277 –  Surface Mounted Waste Bin | Contura ™
  • B4288 – Bobrick Toilet Roll Holder | Contura™
  • RBA4090-450 – 90° Grab Rail, Ambidextrous | Ambulant
  • B6857 – Bobrick Single Toilet Roll Holder | Satin

Warragul Regional College consists of 764 high school students from Years 7-12. The school offers 44 VCAL units and 22 VET units, with a high satisfactory completion rates for both. The school’s success in future student endeavors is evident, with a steady 42% of graduates Bachelor enrolled and a total of 92% pursuing further education or immediate employment. The school is located in Gippsland, regional Victoria, an hour and a half’s drive from Melbourne’s Central Business District, thus RBA’s participation in the refurbishment of the school demonstrates our ability to provide to Australian educational institutions, regardless of its rurality. Thus, RBA provided a variety of RBA and Bobrick Appliances to suit the high traffic conditions of the numerous students’ usage, whilst providing accessibility and sturdy options to optimise safety.

Pictured below is RBA’s Bobrick Contura™ Surface Mounted Soap Dispenser, or the B4112. The unit is made from strong Stainless Steel, of which is Food-Grade, allowing for optimal hygiene. Further, the unit is Antibacterial Soap resistant and holds a capacity of 1.2L. The B4112 exhibits a Satin Finish, subtle in design, but also stands out for those who need it to, with its Luminance Contrast. It not only withstands high usage but is Accessible Compliant and heavy duty, perfect for catering to any and all students.

Additionally, Warragul Regional College utilises the B4262, or the Bobrick Contura™ Paper Towel Dispenser, also made from Food-Grade Stainless Steel. It holds a capacity of 400 C-fold or 525 multifold paper towels. The unit includes a TowelMate™ for easier dispensing and a semi-recessed tumbler lock for security. The B4262 also pertains a Satin Finish, blending in with the design of the washroom. Accompanying the unit in the image, the B277, or Bobrick Contura™ Surface Mounted Waste Bin, is also made from Stainless Steel and can match the pace of the Paper Towel Dispenser with a capacity of over 48L.

RBA’s Bobrick Contura™ Toilet Roll Holder was also supplied to the school, with a theft-resistant spindle and automatic reload of toilet paper, of which is ideal for high traffic and thus high usage. The B4288 is also made from Food-Grade Stainless Steel and holds a Satin Finish, managing to be both heavy-duty and subtle. 

In the Accessible Washroom, the Bobrick Single Toilet Roll Holder is employed. The B685 has strong, Stainless Steel support arms and a Chrome-Plated Plastic Spindle, of which is lightweight and easy for reload. The unit also offers a Theft-Resistant option (the B685.60) for its Spindle, if need be.

Also pictured below is RBA’s Ambulant Ambidextrous 90º Grab Rails. The unit can be applied in both left-hand and right-hand orientations and is also made from Food-Grade Stainless Steel with concealed fixings. When installed correctly, the Grab Bar is Ambulant, thus providing safe and hygienic options for all Disabled Users.

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