WA State Netball Centre features the following RBA products:

RBA8900-429 accessible compliant drinking fountains with RBA2730-999-001 glass/bottle fillers.

Since its opening in 2014 Gold Netball Centre has offered opportunities to play netball for all levels. The Centre is currently being used as the training base for the Suncorp Super Netball League team, known as the West Coast Fever. Located in the suburb of Jolimont in Western Australia. The Centre’s $26 Million facilities include four main netball courts, with the capacity of 1,050 spectators and equipped with nine change rooms facilities, with one dedicated to West Coast Fever. DWP architects aimed to choose a design that accommodates all. Using a holistic approach to the growth and development of the sport. The architectural concept using a large volume of the sports courts wrapped with sculpted shroud, aiming to provide varied experience to its users as they move around the building.

With numerous accessible amenities, RBA Group has had the pleasure to supply our Accessible Compliant Drinking fountains with our glass/bottle fillers to this spectacular development. RBA’s Accessible Drinking Fountain (RBA8900-429), seen in the pictures below featuring a heavy-gauge type 304 Stainless Steel. Designed to create a product that is durable and robust. An ideal attribute to have for a location where the facilities experience high traffic and frequent use. Highlighting why RBA’s product was the right choice to supply for WA Netball courts.

The integral splashback designed for hygiene and ease of cleaning is accessible to the venue’s cleaners and offers reassurance. The unit is Accessible compliant to suit AS1428.2-1992 of the Australian code, offering luminance contrast push-button and non-squirt features. Outlined with the purpose to use smooth radius edges and corners to eliminate sharp corners and ensure safety for users. WA State Netball Centre opted for the Glass Filler for their Drinking Fountains (RBA2730-999-001). RBA’s Glass Filler is a self-closing, cold water glass or bottle filler, providing lead-Free drinking water. Just a press of the button allows water to flow through with ease.

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