Uni of Queensland Emmanual College features the following RBA products:

The 2011 Brisbane floods initiated the refurbishment of parts of University of Queensland’s Emmanuel College and created an opportunity to upgrade student amenities. The Facilities Managers decided to control water usage by using RBA’s Time-Trol shower controller. At the same time, they chose to replace out-dated twin element ‘boiler’ water heaters with instantaneous gas. The results were astonishing. 

“The university estimates it is now saving $60-$70K per year in water and energy savings.”

The Time-Trol Shower unit allows maintenance staff to nominate run-time and lock-out parameters. These can be selected from,  and changed to, any one of 12 options.  No special coding required, just the flick of a dial by staff. It was ultimately decided to offer students a 5 minutes shower with a 30 second lockout. According to university staff ‘…the students have adapted to the usage restrictions seamlessly.  There hasn’t been a complaint uttered…’

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