T&G Building, 161 Collins Street features the following RBA products:

  • B7686 – Bobrick Bright Polish Toilet Roll Holder
  • B38030 – Bobrick 3-in-1 Towel, Waste and Dryer
  • RBA1622-106 – enda Accessible Compliant Shelf
  • B1658 1639 – Bobrick Accessible Compliant Mirror
  • RBA1643-100 – äska Robe Hook
  • RBA4601-018 – Raffaello Matte Black Ambulant Rail
  • RBA7740-777-018 – B69997 with Black Powder Coat
  • RBA7790-777-006 – Similar to the B8159699 with a Black Powder Coat

Located in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, the T&G Building on 161 Collins Street is a historical landmark within Melbourne’s skyline. Built in 1928, the building became central to Victoria’s flourishing business sector, its original patron Temperance & General, a life insurance company based in Victoria. The company became renowned for its prestigious offices Australia-wide during the first half of the 1900s, the building a prime example of this, even to this day, now a “A-grade commercial precinct at the prestigious Paris End of Collins Street and home to some of Australia’s most ambitious businesses.

During its recent refurbishment, the T&G Building prioritises innovation, including state of the art amenities, including but not limited to new End-of-Trip Facilities, so as to make the Work-Life balance as even as possible. Hence, RBA was invited to participate on the project to provide high-end, high quality products that can withstand high amounts of usage, by supplying various RBA and Bobrick Appliances.

Pictured below is RBA’s Bobrick Double Toilet Roll Holder, exhibiting a Bright Polished Finish, a luxurious addition to the washroom. The B7686 pertains a Stainless Steel wall plate for added strength and Spindles made from Chrome-Plated plastic, lightweight and easy to reload. The unit also offers theft-resistant spindles upon request (the B7686.60).

Also present is the Bobrick TrimLine™ Recessed 3-in-1 Paper Towel Dispenser, Waste Receptacle and Hand Dryer, also known as the B38030. With a Stainless Steel Satin Finish, the unit both blends in with the design of the washroom and remains sturdy. Recessed in nature, the B38030 caters for high traffic by minimising space so users can move freely in the washroom. The unit is Accessible Compliant, holds a large paper towel capacity (400 for C-fold or 600 for multifold) and an even larger waste capacity of over 13L.

Further pictured is the RBA ënda Accessible Compliant Shelf (the RBA1622-106). The commercial grade shelf maintains sturdiness with its composition of Heavy Duty Brass, but keeps to the prestigious design with a Bright Chrome Finish as well. The radiused corners are both a design and safety feature, minimising catch and invading minimal space. Alongside the shelf is RBA’s äska Robe Hook, of which also exhibits radiused edges for safety and composed of the same materials as the shelf. The Hook is also finished in Bright Polish, preserving the design integrity. 

The T&G Building’s priority for Accessibility is further evident having installed Bobrick Safety Glass Accessible Compliant Mirror, or the B1658 1639. It is an economical option whilst adhering to the design requirements, having a Bright Polished Finish, but heavy duty, with a Stainless Steel Frame and mitred corners.

RBA additionally supplied a variety of products in a Matte Black Finish to suit an opulent washroom, including the Raffaello 90º Ambulant Grab Rail, the Bobrick Recessed Single Toilet Roll Holder with a Hood, powder coated to be Matte Black and the Bobrick Large 3-in-1 Paper Towel Dispenser, Waste Receptacle and Hand Dryer, also powder coated in Matte Black.

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