Raging Waters Sydney features the following RBA products:

RBA1043-600Alpha’ Self Closing Tap

Formerly known as Wet’n’Wild Sydney, Raging Waters Sydney was established in 2013 and acquired by its current ownership in 2018, hence the new name. The 25 hectare site houses a range of attractions, including several water slide attractions, a large wave pool, a children’s area, food, beverage and retail outlets, and a Surf Life Saving Club. Additionally, Raging Waters Sydney reached the milestone of 10 million guests in 307 days since its grand opening, which is a record among theme parks worldwide.

Situated in the Greater Western Sydney area, patrons come from across the state to visit, generating a high amount of human traffic during its Summer season. Furthermore, the water park generates a significant amount of water usage, meaning complex and highly efficient filtration systems were installed to recycle significant amounts of water. Consequently, minimising usage as much as possible was a priority to the project. With the new acquisition of the park came a revamp of the amenities, of which needed to be able to withstand high usage with minimal wear, as well as being water saving, so that water usage can decrease in as many sectors of the park as possible, whilst remaining hygienic, RBA able to provide just that.

As pictured below, RBA’s ‘Alpha’ Self Closing Tap, or the RBA1043-600, was ideal for the project. The tap is categorised as RBA Green with its water saving features, including a self closing time flow of 4-10 seconds and a 6 star (5.5L/m) WELS rating. The tap is designed for public use, the body of the tap is made from DZR Brass, eliminating likelihood of corrosion with its dezincification-resistant qualities. The unit has a Chrome plated Finish, exhibiting a shiny exterior that does not overstimulate the colourful design of the washroom. Therefore, the ‘Alpha’ Tap was ideal for Raging Waters Sydney’s circumstances.

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