The Parramatta Square features the following RBA products:

  • B2012 – Bobrick Liquid Sanitiser and Soap Dispenser | Touch-Free
  • B38030 – Bobrick Recessed 3-in-1 Towel, Waste & Dryer | Accessible
  • RBA4091-103/113 – Modular 90° Wraparound Grab Rail
  • RBA7790-777-036 – RBA Custom Full Height 3-in-1 Cabinets w/ cutouts
  • RBA7790-777-046 – RBA Custom Full Height 3-in-1 Cabinets

One of the largest urban renewal projects in the country, the titanic Parramatta Square is set to become Australia’s largest office tower delivering over 120,000 sqm of office space plus retail and civic facilities. Consisting of 8 towers that are due to be completed this year, the project is part of a greater effort to revitalise the Western Sydney CBD into a state-of-the-art centre for business, government, and community living. Major tenants that have already been lined up include the likes of Western Sydney University, PwC, NAB, and the Department of Planning.

To better meet the needs of such a high-profile commercial property, we worked with JPW, Built and Bobrick to design and supply custom full-height paper towel and waste units that hide critical plumbing fixtures behind the unit (RBA7790-777-036). This reduced the need for separate access panels scattered across the bathroom, resulting in a cleaner, more minimalist aesthetic.

As a specialist in accessible bathroom design, RBA also supplied the RBA4091-103 & 113 Modular Wraparound Grab Rails and Bobrick B38030 for use in the towers’ AS1428.1 compliant accessible bathrooms. The Bobrick B38030 3-in-1 Towel, Waste & Dryer offers superior sustainability and reduced ongoing use with the patented TowelMateTM  accessory which ensures only a single paper towel is delivered with each pull – reducing paper usage by as much as 20%. It also features a high-performance, efficient dual air hand dryer in the same convenient location to ensure full AS1428.1 compliance and intuitive operation.

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