North Fitzroy Library features the following RBA products:

RBA2733-132 – Stainless Steel Water Cooler with Bottle Filler

RBA2733-032 – Stainless Steel Water Cooler

Located in the suburb of Fitzroy North, a mere twenty minute drive from Melbourne’s CBD, the North Fitzroy Library, also known as Bargoonga Nganjin North Fitzroy, resides as a contemporary learning space having undergone a new refurbishment in 2017. The Library commemorates the original owners of the land, the Wurundjeri People, the name “Bargoonga Nganjin” meaning “Gather Everybody” in Woiwurrung, the language of the people. With that in mind, the facility has an inviting, open design exhibiting Aboriginal art and motifs. The building contains a rooftop garden, supporting sustainability of both the environment and visitors looking for solace. The project prioritised the history of the location and environmental friendliness, thus RBA was excited to provide for such a culturally significant building revamp, and a sustainable one too.

Pictured below, RBA’s ‘Compact’ Water Cooler, or the RBA2733-032, flows 30L of water per hour. RBA categorises the unit as ‘heavy duty’, meaning it maintains to be strong and long-lasting. Made of Stainless Steel with a Satin Finish, it has an Anti-microbial flexible bubbler with self-closing push button and non-squirt features (stainless steel bubbler options available upon request). Included is an integral perforated drain for hygiene & ease of cleaning. The Water Cooler exhibits a smooth radiused design that eliminates sharp corners thus minimising catch. All pipework is concealed within the Stainless Steel Shroud and contains the option of a Bottle Filler, of which North Fitzroy Library utilised.

Additionally pictured below is the RBA2733-132, the exact same to the Water Cooler, except containing the Bottle Filler as well. Users hold their bottle in the recess provided and press the button to activate the flow of water. Flow stops upon releasing the button. Spillage is directed onto the deck of the Water Cooler mounted underneath. The units blend in with the amenities whilst keeping its functionality. 

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