Lindfield Learning Village features the following RBA products:

RBA2760-032Recessed Water Cooler

With an unconventional approach to learning, Lindfield Learning Village is paving the way for innovative education, involving the elimination of grades, school bells and teaching through “collaborative, multidisciplinary projects”, rather than traditional segregation of classes. Housing grades Kindergarten to Year 12, the Village was built to take pressure off surrounding schools in the area, namely Chatswood High School. LLV prioritises accepting students by encouraging empathy and trust, ensuring that all students from all backgrounds and learning abilities are embraced, valued, and known. 

Located in the heart of North Sydney, the Lindfield Learning Village accommodates for up to 2000 students while maintaining a modern, contemporary design. The School’s proximity to high-profile businesses, such as Microsoft, CSIRO and Macquarie Hospital allows for the engagement of real life learning and easy access to mentoring programs. The Village, home to a myriad of students, needed heavy duty amenities that could withstand long-term use by students, thus RBA was more than excited to participate on such an innovative project that could improve the student experience, catering to needs of high traffic, heavy duty and safety and hygiene for students.

As picture below, RBA provided the ‘Contour’ Recessed Water Cooler, or the RBA2760-032. The Water Cooler features an Anti-microbial flexible bubbler with self-closing push button and non-squirt properties and Stainless Steel Bubbler options upon request. Made from strong, Food-Grade Stainless Steel, the unit withstands extended use by holding resistance to corrosion and promotes optimal hygiene for its users. It blends into the exterior of the building as it is recessed in nature and exhibits a Satin Finish. It has a smooth, radiused design, eliminating sharp corners and providing safer usage for students. The RBA2760-032 utilises a 30L per hour flow rate, providing plenty of water for prolonged usage. 

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