Croome Sporting Complex features the following RBA products:

RBA4150-230 – 90 Degree wraparound Grab Rail & Backrest, Left Hand

RBA8851-428 – Stainless Steel toilet Accessible

RBA8851-100 – Stainless Steel toilet

RBA8186-102 – Commerical Toilet Seat

RBA3001-160 –  Mains Pressure Flush valve, now replaced with RBA1882-100-001

RBA8820-100 – Wall Hung High Efficiency Urinal

RBA8867-186 –  Benefit Basin Wall Mounted

Located in Albion Park in the Shellharbour Region, Croome Sporting Complex is a large multi-use sporting centre designed to accommodate multiple sporting activities, such as Basketball, Netball, Rugby and more. The centre hosts multiple competitions for all, including “Battle of the Countries”, an Aboriginal Rugby League Competition, as well as sports parties for kids and multiple children’s sporting programs. The facility is also available for casual external hire, thus requiring amenities that can handle high amounts of traffic, is accessible to a wide range of users and is efficient, in order to combat the high usage the facility would generate. As a result, RBA was invited to supply various RBA products for the project.

Pictured below is RBA’s Left-Hand 90º Wraparound Grab Rail and Backrest, or the RBA4150-230. Suitable for Accessible use, the Grab Bar is Accessible Compliant and sturdy due to its Stainless Steel composition. The Rail portrays a Satin Finish, subtle in look but maintains its functionality, and a white Backrest. Accompanying the Grab Rail, also pictured is RBA’s Accessible Stainless Steel Toilet (the RBA8851-428). With P or S Trap options, the toilet holds a 3 Star (6.0L FF / 3.0L HF / 3.6L AF) WELS rating for water efficiency. The unit comes with an Integral Toilet Seat and is also available in an EnviroGlaze™ white. The Complex also acquired RBA’s Stainless Steel Toilet, or the RBA8851-100. Sufficient for non-Accessible use, the toilet is also made from microbial-resistant Stainless Steel and is also available in EnviroGlaze™ white, with the same WELS rating as the Accessible Toilet. Additionally pictured, the unit is paired with the RBA8186-102 Commercial Toilet Seat in white, of which is heavy duty and vandal resistant due to its stainless steel hinges. 

Pictured with the toilets is an older version of RBA’s Flush Valve series, now the RBA1882-100 series

Further pictured below is RBA’s Wall Hung High Efficiency Urinal, or the RBA8820-100. Also made from Food-Grade Stainless Steel, the Urinal holds a 1 litre flush volume, with a WELS Water Saving Rating of 3 Stars (1.0L). The unit is heavy duty and can operate well with high-traffic whilst minimising water usage. 

RBA also supplied our ‘Benefit’ Wall Mounted Basin with Tapware, specifically the RBA ‘Inox’ Self Closing Tap. The RBA8867-186 is a heavy duty unit built to last, as it is vandal resistant and made with strong Stainless Steel. The unit is not only Accessible Compliant, but utilises Lead-Free Water via its Tapware. Exhibiting a Satin Finish, the unit is subtle in design whilst maintaining optimal functionality.

All products listed were supplied for the needs of the Sporting Complex, specifically catering for high traffic, consequential water efficiency and Accessibility.

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