Canberra Hospital features the following RBA products:

RBA8851-137 in their recently completed Bariatric Ward rooms.

Canberra Hospital is the major public medical establishment based in Australia’s Capital Territory, with 672 beds to cater for the territory’s population of 550,000. The Hospital provides services including acute inpatient and day services, outpatient services, women’s and children’s services, paediatrics and pathology. Canberra Hospital is also a hub for education and research, remaining as the main teaching hospital for the Australian National University Medical School and the University of Canberra’s Nursing School. Canberra Hospital additionally accommodates for Clinical Pastoral Care institutions based in Sydney. RBA was thrilled to participate on a project that could better the experiences of both a myriad of patients and students.

Canberra Hospital reached out to RBA to provide for a number of brand new Bariatric Rooms and one “Super Bariatric Room” during a refurbishment of the hospital’s orthopaedics services. These amenities are essential to providing comfortable care for individuals struggling with the growing obesity crisis, the Super Bariatric Room catering to people weighing up to half a tonne. As a result, RBA had to supply high quality, heavy duty bariatric facilities, whilst keeping a homely character to make patients comfortable in the clinical environment. Read the news article from the Canberra Times 

RBA’s supplication of our Bariatric Toilet, or the RBA8851-137, pictured below was vital for the project. Made of Stainless Steel, the toilet can withstand loads of up to 910 kg with no measurable deflection and 2200 kg with no permanent damage, maintaining strong and secure for its intended usage. Furthermore, the 304-type, or “Food Grade” Stainless Steel is constructed with corrosion resistance and allows for optimal hygiene. The unit supplied to Canberra Hospital has an optional P or S Trap, coming in an Enviro-Glaze® White Finish, best suited for the setting. However, this unit is also offered Enviro-Glaze® White external finish and a Stainless Steel internal finish, or a Stainless Steel total finish. Moreover, the unit is water-saving, holding a 3 Star (6.0L FF/3.0L HF/3.6L AF) WELS rating. The unit can additionally be accompanied by RBA’s Big John Bariatric Toilet Seat, or the RBA8186-853.


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Read the news article from the Canberra Times

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