Black Beach Reserve Kiama features the following RBA products:

Black Beach, Kiama gets its name and colour from the black basalt sand and cobbles that line its 130-metre shore of which faces out towards the Kiama Harbour. Although not the top choice for swimming, the beach is perfect for snorkelers to explore the rock pools that litter the area or a simple stroll along the scenic shoreline leading too and from the iconic Kiama Blowhole. Alongside the beach sits a reserve, namely the Black Beach Reserve, with sprawling grass, picnic facilities, public amenities and more.

Central to Kiama’s local life, Black Beach Reserve houses many events, such as the Sunday Markets, or the more casual events, such as a family picnic, or even a scenic pit-stop for weary travellers. Thus, the revamp of the public amenities was vital to accomodate for high usage and hence needed to be as water efficient as possible, heavy duty to be able to withstand constant use from the public, and minimalistic, suited for the humble lifestyle of the area. As a result, RBA was happy to participate on the project with various appliances that could meet such needs.

RBA’s Conical Commercial Showerhead, or the RBA8519-107, was employed to suit the heavy duty, but water saving needs. The Showerhead is extremely vandal and ligature resistant, whilst blending in with the amenities with a High Polished Chrome Finish. The unit is water saving, with a WELS water saving rating of 3 stars (7.0L/m), allowing for consistent operation while reducing water consumption as much as possible. Matching handles also optionally available.

However, the Self Closing Water Saving Tap and Shower Valve, or the RBA1055-530, was chosen to accompany the Showerhead. Designed specifically for public washrooms and beach amenities, the Valve minimises usage with a 20-30 second time flow, and thus has been labelled as part of the RBA Green line of products. The Valve is a single connection mechanism, with options for either cold or pre-mixed water temperatures and pertains an outer body made from Chrome-Plated Brass– built to last. Furthermore, the Valve can be installed flush to wall to ensure vandal and ligature resistance.

To further cater for such water saving needs, RBA’s Lead-Free ‘Inox’ Stainless Steel Self Closing Tap (RBA1083-607) was ideal, with a 4-10 second time flow and a 6 star (5.0L/m) WELS water saving rating. With a Stainless Steel body, the Tap can withstand high usage and is long-lasting, and exhibits a Satin Finish, a subtle edition to the washroom design whilst matching the rest of the amenities.

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