Barangaroo Reserve features the following RBA products:

KB110-SSRE – Koala Kare Recessed Stainless Steel Baby Change Table is now replaced with KB310-SSRE

Barangaroo Reserve, now a fresh new waterfront park, possesses a vastly rich history. It was originally inhabited by the Gadigal People, local to the Sydney region before British Settlement pre-18th Century, then an industrial hub during the 19th Century, becoming relatively neglected after Sydney’s port facilities could no longer cater to trade demand. The site underwent a large-scale refurbishment and finally, after over 100 years, opened to the public in 2015. The site holds large historical significance to the Aboriginal Community, having been named after Barangaroo, a Cammeraygal woman of whom was a significant voice for the Aboriginal Peoples during the early days of settlement. In light of this, the opening of the Reserve aimed to reinstate native flora and fauna previously eliminated by industrial interference, by reintroducing 75,000 planted trees, shrubs and more, all of which are native, and native Australian bee colonies. The Reserve projects its historical significance in a modern way, with an innovative design and state of the art facilities for all to access, hence RBA’s excitement to participate in the project.

Located in the heart of Sydney, Barangaroo Reserve resides north of the famous Barangaroo wharves spanning 6 hectares, filled with walkways, cycling paths, picnic areas and landmarks such as the Munn’s Slipway and venues like The Cutaway, all highlighting the sandstone significance in the area. The park is an oasis, centred in the city, for workers looking for an escape, families looking for a fun day out, to tourists visiting Sydney for the first time. Thus, RBA’s facilities are open to a wide variety of people from all over Australia and more. As a result, RBA has supplied Koala Kare appliances that can cater to high amounts of usage, whilst remaining long-lasting, as well as being secure and safe for its young demographic, and was RBA’s project of the month in November 2019.

As pictured below, RBA employed the Koala Kare Recessed Baby Change Table in Stainless Steel, or the KB310-SSRE, recesses into the wall maximising space. The unit is Accessible Compliant when installed correctly and optimises hygiene with Microban® antimicrobial additive embedded into the polypropylene bed surface. Replacing an earlier model, the unit has rounded edges for safer usage. Exhibiting a Satin Finish, the KB310-SSRE is subtle yet sturdy, blending into the interior of the amenities.

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