Bankstown City Gardens Memorial Park features the following RBA products:

Bankstown City Gardens Memorial Park is a hub of activity for its locals of all walks of life. As well as a Memorial site, the Park is home to a sports centre, two ovals, an all-abilities playground known as ‘Livvi’s Place’, picnic shelters and public amenities, particularly a Changing Places Amenities Building, of which specifically caters for both children and adults with disabilities. With these groundbreaking renovations to the area, partially funded by the Touched By Olivia Foundation, the public amenities needed to cater for any and all, as well as withstand the usage the park undoubtedly attracts, and soon become evident that RBA, with the same priorities for Accessibility, was perfect for the project.

RBA thus provided products including the Curvalinear™ Basin with Trap Cover, or the RBA8889-182. The Basin, including the splashback, is Accessible Compliant and heavy duty in nature, being made from strong, Food-Grade Stainless Steel, of which additionally optimises hygiene between uses. The unit can also be provided in Marine-Grade Stainless Steel or EnviroGlaze® white to suit any functional or aesthetic requirements. Furthermore, the Basin is Lead-Free and optionally holds space for RBA’s ‘Inox’ Self Closing Tap.

Further pictured below, RBA’s Stainless Steel Ambulant Toilet Suite, or the RBA8847-156, is ideal for facilities in need for Accessible appliances. The Suite includes a thermoplastic toilet seat with the lid included. The unit is Ambulant, ideal for disabled users and perfect for the Changing Places Amenities, and has obtained a 3 Star (6.0L FF / 3.0L HF / 3.8L AF) WELS Water Saving rating. Exhibiting a Satin Finish, the Suite blends in with the facilities, but can optionally exhibit an EnviroGlaze™ white finish upon request.

RBA’s Stainless Steel Close Coupled Accessible Toilet Suite (RBA8847-428) was additionally employed, with similar design features as the RBA8847-156. Importantly, the Suite Accessible Compliant and pertains to be as heavy duty as the previous unit.

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