9 Castlereagh St, Sydney features the following RBA products:

Located in the heart of Sydney’s Central Business District, the 9 Castlereagh St. building now known as The Capita Centre is one of Harry Seilder’s most innovative designs. The space presented limitations in regards to public access and the restricted potential to gain light to all levels of the building. As a response Seilder created a hollowed-out centre to allow for running light to be accessed on all four levels. The Tower undertook a recent refurbishment in 2010, by V-arc Architects who pushed to upgrade the facilities, with new end-of-trip amenities. Schiavella Construction in NSW converted the basements and sub-basement areas to accommodate bike racks, water stations, public showers and change room facilities, to accommodate for lifestyle among employees. Aiming to create a clean, contemporary aesthetic design, RBA range of Bobrick Accessible products were chosen to feature in their facilities for the new refurb of End-of-Trip facilities. As the clean lines of the B38030 fit right into this designer ‘end of trip facility at 9 Castlereagh St, Sydney.

Pictured below, RBA’s Bobrick Trimline™ Recessed 3-in-1 Combination Unit, containing a Paper Towel Dispenser, Waste Receptacle and Hand Dryer, is Accessible Compliant, allowing for better inclusion of our Disabled users. The B38030 is efficient in space, with its recessed nature and combination of multiple washroom components into one, catering for high traffic and reducing the risk of wear and vandalism. The unit holds 450 (C-fold) to 600 (multifold) paper towels, a waste capacity of 13.7L and a hands-free drying feature, to suit any hand-drying preferences, accompanied by two Tumbler Locks for security and a TowelMate™ (also sold separately by RBA) for easier paper towel removal. Made from strong, grade Stainless Steel, the unit is corrosion resistant and remains difficult for microbial to adhere to, ensuring optimal hygiene and extending the life of the unit. The B38030 wears a modest Satin finish that blends into the design of the amenities. 

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B38030  – Bobrick Recessed 3-In-1 Towel, Waste & Dryer |Accessible

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