83 Clarence St, Sydney features the following RBA products:

B526 – Paper Towel Dispenser

B822 – Basin Mounted Soap Dispenser

RBA supports high-grade refurbishments of commercial office facilities by supplying to sites such as the 83 Clarence St. building in the heart of the Sydney CBD. The 22-storey tower is nestled between Wynyard and Barangaroo, with a direct line of transit through the Wynyard Walk to access a multitude of public transport, as well as a short walk away from the Circular Quay Transport Hub. Furthermore, 83 Clarence St. holds a 5 star NABERS energy rating, RBA thereby encouraging environmental-friendliness as well as reinforcing Australia’s business sector and its international endeavors. With the ability to attain an international business address, the venue is also on offer for global representatives to use the facilities that RBA has provided, including a number of Bobrick accessories, depicting Australia’s world-class bathroom amenities. As the project needed to consolidate for high traffic of multiple workers, reliable products with little interference were required.

RBA’s Bobrick Countertop Paper Towel Dispenser, or the B526, fits with the luxurious ambience with its recessed qualities, maximising space and hiding any unnecessary components. As pictured, it can be applied vertically or horizontally as per your design, and is loaded from the top for best convenience. Made of Stainless Steel with a Satin finish, RBA has employed a secure unit fit for commercial use that can suit even the most lavish amenities. Additionally, the B526 carries a 300 C-fold or multifold paper towel capacity.

Also below is RBA’s Bobrick Basin Mounted Liquid Soap Dispenser (the B822), with a bright polished finish to match accompanying tapware and is cohesive to the theme of the room. The dispenser has a 100mm spout connected to a 1L container for soap, perfect for thicker Basin Tops, and is refillable from the top for optimal convenience. Said cylinder container carries antibacterial-soap resistance in its plastic, ideal for excellent hygiene requirements. 

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