Thinking Outside the Cubicle

Here at RBA we are always pleased to see a new approach to commercial bathroom use.  Social media is abuzz at the moment with this image released of the entry door to a public access WC belonging to US Grocery retailer, Kroger.  We think it’s great.  It represents a full range of topical issues like non-gender specifics, universal design and maximising the use of space in high traffic periods.  So what does this mean for modern commercial bathroom designers?  Will we see the demise of the traditional His & Hers?  Will stadiums, schools and airports be modified with rows of Unisex washrooms in lieu of gender specific spaces? We’re looking forward to seeing how the design community will respond to this social development.  In the meantime, you can view our range of Unisex products by following this link:

Image: Tonya Owens

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