Stainless Steel Showers From RBA

RBA has a wide variety of Stainless Steel Showers to suit a number of purposes and are particularly suitable for high use public areas.  Our range extends from free standing column and pylon Stainless Steel Showers for public swimming areas, gymnasiums and sporting venues, to recessed shower panels that are vandal and suicide resistant for security facilities.

The RBA range of Stainless Steel Showers caters for both single and multiple users.

As well as having timed-flow valves to reduce water wastage, RBA’s Stainless Steel Showers also offer the following features:

  • Space saving
  • Factory assembled for easy, low cost installations
  • Individual valve control
  • All free standing showers are available with a foot spray option
  • Self closing tap ware
  • Recessed shower panels can be front fixed, or rear fixed for extra security

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