Soap Dispensers From RBA

Boasting a 3 Year warranty, RBA’s ‘top-shelf’ commercial soap dispensers offer a wide range of benefits including: stainless steel containers; 1.2L capacity; and the ability to handle anti-bacterial soaps.  Our soap dispensers offer discreet locking mechanisms and a refill indicator.  This translates to time and dollar savings as cleaning staff can tell at a glance whether the dispenser requires a top-up. 

Our range includes basin mounted liquid soap dispensers, surface mounted soap dispensers, recessed soap dispensers, panel mounted liquid soap dispensers and vertical and horizontal soap dispensers.

To top it all off, we offer bright polished and satin finished soap dispensers, special containers made from type-316 stainless steel and budget-minded, clear acrylic soap dispensers. 

For your next office, nightclub, school, hospital or airport project, take advantage of RBA’s range of soap dispensers – visit our website for Technical Data in 2 clicks!

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