Sensor Taps by RBA

Using your elbows to turn on public bathroom taps is a thing of the past with RBA’s newly designed hands free activated Formatta Sensor Tap.

RBA is pleased to launch the Formatta Sensor Tap, providing a hygienic solution for all restroom patrons.

With a sleek modern design the Formatta modernises your bathroom while also saving water.

The sensor tap has been awarded a 6 star WELS Water Efficiency Rating as it features numerous water efficiency technologies including a 5 litre per minute flow rate and an automatic turn off when the users hands are removed.

The commercial grade sensor tapware is a controlled delivery system suitable not only for offices, schools, shopping centres, stadiums and airports but also for disabled access.

The Formatta is quality assured having been batch tested to 200,000 cycles, this makes RBA’s sensor tap the most reliable on the market.

The Formatta Sensor Tap, available directly from RBA, is low maintenance and easy to install.

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