RBA’s Water Management System

Maintenance Managers will agree that being able to control how much water is being used in public spaces they manage is of vital importance. RBA’s Water Management System, Time-Trol, provides this control through a simple, easy to use modular valve controller. If water management is a must, RBA’s Time-Trol system is essential.

The RBA Time-Trol controller, located up to 20 meters from the pushbutton and 10 meters from the solenoid valve, has a manipulable time setting from 1 second to 9 minutes. Also, coloured indicator lights are provided on each Modular Valve Controller to permit quick and easy assistance for maintenance purposes.

Because the Time-Trol can remotely control your water management, it provides a perfect solution to vandalism. The RBA Time-Trol is perfect for use in public showers, where the Modular Valve Controller is located out of reach from users, limiting the amount of wasted water. Another very helpful feature is the lock-out mode. For example, installers or maintenance staff can set a shower to run for 5 minutes, and then lock out users for 30 seconds. This configuration is perfect for boarding schools where high use periods require fast turnover of users. The number of configurations and possible uses are almost endless.

The RBA water management system, Time-Trol, offers new ways to manage water usage in order to conserve water, provide security, and maintain control in facilities.

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