RBA’s Trimline Hand Dryers

RBA & Bobrick’s TrimLine Hand Dryer Series successfully dries the user’s hands in a timely and quiet manner. As opposed to a single stream of air, the TrimLine Series uses a Dual Parallax Air Flow which delivers a broad warm-air pattern for fast, effective hand drying. Also because of its low profile, only 100mm off the wall, installing the TrimLine Hand Dryer reduces unnecessary impedance into the circulation space thus freeing up the area.

TrimLine Hand Dryers are sensor operated. By reducing the number of points of contact the user has in the bathroom, they avoid harmful germs that can be common in public washrooms. An additional incentive to using the RBA & Bobrick’s TrimLine Hand Dryers is the increase in savings of up to 95% that will occur from no longer needing to supply paper towels. This is amplified by the 10 year warranty that comes with the RBA TrimLine hand Dryer Series.

RBA & Bobrick’s Hand Dryers come in both stainless steel and white and are leading the field in luminance contrast, which is helpful when choosing a Hand Dryer to suite accessible compliant needs.

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