NEW Tankless Electric Water Heater

RBA has just released a fully approved Tankless Electric Water Heater suitable for point-of-use application, the Chronomite. This single phase, compact unit, uses bare wire technology to instantly heat the water in 2 seconds, eliminating dead water and dramatically increasing the efficiency of water use. The Chronomite is 99% energy efficient because it only turns on when hot water is demanded by the user. This fully Watermark unit is perfect for public hand basins, kitchenettes and service sinks.

The Chronomite comes in 2 models. The first is the basic ‘SR’ unit, which uses all available electrical recourses to heater the water as much as possible. The second is the microprocessor controlled ‘Micro’ unit, which monitors the output water temperature and stabilises it at the preset output temperature. Both the SR and Micro units can be purchased in 15, 20, 30 and 40 amp sizes to suit your electrical supply. The Micro units come in preset temperatures of 35oC, 40oC, 42oC and 49oC.
Other benefits of this tankless electric water heater:

  • No need for a TMV (micro unit only)
  • Anti-scalding (Micro unit only)
  • Easy to install – install in 15 mins.
  • Virtually Eliminates Alkali Calcification
  • Continuous flow
  • Hot water in 2 seconds
  • Innovating since 1966
  • Prevents germs

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