Murdock Manufacturing’s 170th Anniversary

Big news from one of our most prolific suppliers!

This year Murdock Manufacturing, manufacturer of all of RBA’s drinking fountains and bottle fillers is celebrating its 170th birthday. Founded in 1853 in Cincinnati, Ohio, the company began by manufacturing frost-free hydrants at a time when most people were still drawing water from communal wells.

Over the years, Murdock has built its reputation for solid, high-quality products that stand the test of time. Murdock manufactured many of the earliest public drinking fountains installed in the United States, including quite a few that are still operational today and can still be repaired with original parts.

Murdock continues this reputation today with classic and refreshed product lines that combine heavy-duty durability and superior build quality with modern aesthetics. These qualities have made them popular in parks, schools, stadiums, beaches, and sports facilities all over the world.

A family-owned business that has spanned five generations, Murdock is currently run by President Bob Murdock. On their latest anniversary, he reflected: “If you had the opportunity to go out there and be in a park, chances are you were out there with your family, at a picnic, and Murdock was there in the picnic shelter. Having that long history of involvement with the public is, more than anything else, why the Murdock brand remains strong. As we continue the innovation, all the things that we’re doing to make it a much better product, we’re building on the legacy of what it was in the very beginning.”

RBA Group has been proudly working with Murdock for more than 15 years. We have supplied Murdock Drinking Fountains, Water Coolers and Bottle Fillers to projects across Australia and New Zealand.

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