Commercial Tapware by RBA

RBA Commercial Tapware consists of a variety of different taps suitable for many commercial applications. They are aesthetically pleasing, practical, and every model in the RBA commercial tapware line has the highest possible Water Efficiency Rating of 6 stars. In fact, because RBA is dedicated to being a Green and Environmentally friendly company it has invested in and is now the supplier of the market’s most water efficient tap, the 6 star 1.7Lpm RBA1083-650.

Unique options:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Manual override
  • Food service
  • Mixers

Commercial Taps consists of the following:

RBA1083-650 “Inox” 6 Star/1.7Lpm
RBA1083-600 “Inox” 6 Star/5.0Lpm
RBA1010-600 “Benefit” 6 Star/5.5Lpm 
Accessible compliant leaver tap
RBA1043-600 “Alfa” 6 Star/5.5Lpm
RBA1044-600 “Rio” 6 Star/4.5Lpm
RBA1047-600 “Gooseneck” 6 Star/5.5Lpm
RBA1049-600 “Oasis” 6 Star/5.5Lpm
RBA1053-600 “Rio Wall” 6 Star/4.5Lpm
RBA1055-510 “Wall Valve” 10 second run time
RBA1074-600 “Rio Mixer” 6 Star/5.5Lpm
RBA1079-600 “Oasis Mixer” 6 Star/5.5Lpm

All Commercial Tapware by RBA comes with a 2 year warranty and is available in a 4 star model. The RBA1083 Series is available in either a bright polish or satin finish, while all other tapware is bright polished DZR Brass.

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