Changing Places

When meeting the Aussie Accessible code isn’t enough

When the most recent version of AS1428.1 was generated in 2009, and its subsequent Amendment in 2010, the Code’s objective was “to provide building designers and users [architects, property owners and regulators] with the minimum design requirements for new building work to enable access for people with disabilities.” A well intentioned objective and for the most part successful. However, there are many people for whom even a fully compliant public washroom is unsuitable or insufficient. The Changing Places Project is a national program which advocates for “safe, hygienic and dignified public toilet facilities for people with severe or profound disabilities”. The goal is to accommodate the thousands of Australians [estimated at 200,000] who are otherwise confined to their home by inappropriate toilet facilities. Key components of the Changing Places bathroom design include a hoist, adjustable adult change tables and enough space for two carers.

RBA is proud to be a Supporter of the Changing Places Project and has contributed to a number of projects in recent months, including Eastland Shopping Centre. Have a look at Eastland Shopping Centre or our product selection guide and make sure you drop us a line if you’d like to learn more.

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