Time-Trol™ Water Management Kit with Showerhead


Est. Trade Price

$1,326.00 excl. GST


  • Valve controller
  • Stainless Steel Piezo plate
  • Watermarked Solenoid valve
  • Power pack
  • Shower head: 7LPM
  • Controller can be remotely located up to 20 meters from the valve.
  • Coloured indicator lights for easy diagnosis.
  • Small: 110mm W x 85mm H x 25mm D

Valve Controller provides an RBA Time-Trol™  System for water metering through precise electronic control of the solenoid valve provided. Put simply, this controller allows the facilities manager to control all aspects of a valves activation: frequency of operation; length of operation; lock out time. It can be used with solenoid valves or Piezo buttons.

The Time-Trol™  has 12 different operation settings to choose from (outlined on the Technical Data Sheet below).