Bobrick PureDri Hand Dryer and Air/Hand Sanitiser


Est. Trade Price

$5,291.00 excl. GST


  • 817mm [H] x 266mm [W] x 102mm [D]
  • Robust design with contemporary aesthetics.
  • Delivers a less than 20 second dry time, followed by a 6 second sanitising blast.
  • Also delivers constant air-sanitisation to the room to provide the purest, safest air possible.
  • Combines photocatalytic disinfection, germicidal irradiation and dual waveband UV to safely inactivate 98.11% of airborne and 99.6% of surface microorganisms.
  • 1.2mm Type 304 satin finish stainless steel for vandal resistance.
  • Ultra-efficient 0.2kW power usage.