Sensor Taps

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Formatta Sensor Tap
  • Internal Solenoid saves labour
  • Clean Hygienic Design
  • Water Saving
  • Commercial Grade
  • Easy to Operate
  • Accessible Compliant
  • Low Maintenace
  • Easy to Install

The sensor controlled delivery system is suitable for disabled access public washrooms, offices, schools, shopping centres, stadiums, airports. The sensor detects the presence of the user’s hand(s) in the field directly above the basin - this activates the flow of water until the hands are removed from the field.




Sensor Tap

Docol Tapware Watermark 2 Year Warranty WELS 6 Stars, 5.0L Accessible Compliant Environmental RBA Sensor Operation
2 min video: Features of the Formatta

Sensor Tapware 'Insitu'

How does this sensor tap work, and what are some of the features?

Hygienic design. The first very obvious feature is that this tap is sensor operated. As the users’ hands enter the field directly in front of the tap and above the basin, the flow of water is activated until the hands are removed. The first benefit is that this greatly improves the hygienic design of the bathroom. As an architect you can positively impact upon the health of your users by reducing points of contact.

The second benefit that results from this initial feature is the improved water efficiency of your design. This particular sensor tap only runs on demand. It turns off as soon as the user removes their hands from the field.

The final features I’d like to mention, are that it is serviceable above the bench, has a clean minimalist look and is commercial grade as all of our taps have been batch tested to 200,000 cycles. The benefit that this provides to the architect is that this tap would suit a modern design or commercial setting.

Sensor Taps